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Results-Driven Tax Lien Investment Training

FREE 7-Day Online Video Training gives you all of the details you need to begin safely investing in Tax Lien Certificates.

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Your FREE 7-Day Online
Tax Lien Video Training

Module 1:

Tax Lien Investing 101 – The Basics You Must Know

This video will give you a thorough understanding of the tax lien certificate and tax lien property investment strategy, and all of the necessary basic fundamentals you must know before you get started.

Module 2:

The Step-by-Step Tax Lien Investment Process and How the Money Gets Put Into Your Pocket

This powerful training will show you step-by-step exactly how the tax lien certificate and tax lien property investment process works A to Z. You'll learn exactly how the process begins, and exactly how you get paid.

Module 3:

Safely Investing in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Lien Properties from the Comfort of Your Own Home – The 'Assignment Purchasing' Investment Strategy

Investing in tax lien certificates and tax lien properties from home without having to travel to attend auctions is an absolute necessity. This training session will reveal the little known strategy of "assignment purchasing," which gives you the opportunity to safely acquire tax lien certificates and tax lien properties from the comfort of your own home.

Module 4:

Tax Lien Certificates vs. Tax Lien Properties – What's the Difference, and Which is Better?

There are 2 outcome objectives when investing in tax lien certificates: 1) earn high interest rates, or 2) acquire valuable real estate for pennies on the dollar. Both are extremely profitable. This training session discusses both strategies in detail so that you can determine which strategy is best for you.

Module 5:

The Risk Factors You Must Know About Before Investing One Penny in Tax Lien Certificates or Tax Lien Properties

The same risk factors that exist when purchasing your own home, exist when investing in tax lien certificates and tax lien properties, with the exception of risky mortgages. Although risk factors exist, they can easily be avoided. This training session reveals the most common risk factors, and how to avoid them.

Module 6:

The Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Lien Properties Answered for You

We hand selected the 10 most commonly asked questions we've received over our 20+ years of expert experience, and then answered them for you candidly and thoroughly.

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"This program makes all aspects of investing in tax liens and deeds clear and simple. The information is presented in a clear and engaging style, and brings about a feeling of tremendous confidence and self assurance."

- Bill R.

"This program provides everything you need to feel confident about investing in tax lien certificates. The ongoing support ensures you can get all your questions answered."

- B. Richards

"This program is soooo comprehensive and easy to understand that we taught our 10 year old son how to invest in tax lien certificates over the Internet. We took out a calculator to help him understand the difference between earning 1.5% interest in banks vs. 18% in tax lien certificates. That's when he asked if he could put money from his savings account to do the same."

- J. Negron

"Excellent training - informative and fun with dynamic tips! Thanks for what you and your staff do, and thanks for giving back!!"

- Lucy & Jose S.

"I managed to buy my first tax lien from Florida, yes I did it! I want to thank you for your dedication and continuous motivation to students."

- Kheng H.

"Just a note to let you know that I purchased my first tax lien at the commissioners sale in Washington County today. The online class on Thursday helped me take action to get the first lien under my belt. I am excited to use the information in helping me to provide a better financial future for my family. Thanks for your support. Have a great week!"

- Rodney W.

"I have now picked up 8 tax lien certificates... Anyhow, I guess you could say 'GAME ON.' I'll keep you posted of future action."

- Lester G.

"I'm so excited! I just bought a tax lien - my first. It's a commercial, newly renovated store currently for sale with a realtor for $700,000.00. Interest rate is 18%!"

- Kaye M.

"I just won the bid on a property in a very nice subdivision in Spencer County. It was great to get my first one and am pumped about many more to come. Thanks for the great information you have put together, I truly do appreciate it. I look forward to one day helping others do the same. Take care and thanks for everything."

- Aaron W.

"I just wanted to you to know I invested in my first tax lien certificates! I followed through with the online class using online methods that were presented. I invested in 7 in total. I just wanted to get my hands a little wet to get some experience. Thanks!"

- Kar-Mun W.

Module 7:

Case Studies – A Showcase of Actual Case Studies for Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Lien Properties

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the tax lien certificate investment strategy, we'll spend this entire session showing you case study after case study of actual tax lien certificate and tax lien property investments along with all of the supporting documentation.

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